Parallel Sessions

Educational and Inspiring Panels

Presentations, discussions, and panels on Palestine, Syria, history of Islam in the US, entrepreneurship, marriage, mental health, and stories of resilience from our community members.

Turkish Coffee Lady & Path to be Successful Entrepreneur

Success Stories | Saturday May 25th, 2024

Linking 500 years long Turkish coffee culture with the love of morning coffee of Americans morning coffee, Gizem is now introducing the world of Turkish Coffee across the nation.

Towards Effective and Sustainable Development Model for Displaced Syrians

Middle Eastern | Saturday May 25th, 2024

The Story of Endurance and Hope After Almost 54 years of Imprisonment

Sunday May 26th, 2024

On June 7, 1962 Yusuf & Zubaydah Madyun stood before witnesses and verbalized their allegiance to each other "for better or worse." These marital vows created a bond.

Spousal Relationships in the Light of Islamic Tradition

Saturday May 25th, 2024

Panel and discussion regarding marriage with panelists Dr. Akram Kassab and Dr. Khalid Nasr

Journey From Darkness to Light

Sunday May 26th, 2024

Share a little time with the comedic stylings of your brother, The Mighty Preacher Moss.

History of Islam in the US by America’s Islamic Heritage Museum

Sunday May 26th, 2024

Our mission with America’s Islamic Heritage Museum is to provide cultural educational programming and museum services for the public in the United States and abroad.

History of Islam in the US

Sunday May 26th, 2024

Join us for a panel on the history of Islam and in the US and locally in Chicago.

Crisis in the Middle East and American Public

Saturday May 25th, 2024