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Ceramics, Calligraphy, Kat'i, Illumination, Copper Smithing and more!

Deniz Sağdıç

Artist, Founder of Sustainable Art House

Since the early years of her art, she has become professional in various techniques such as sculpture, printmaking and engraving, mainly oil painting, and has also produced artworks in the fields of video and new media.

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Zemzem Aktaş

Ebru - Marbling

I was born in 1976 in Aydın. In 2002, I started to take marbling lessons from Ömer Faruk Dere teacher. I perform my art by transferring the art of marbling to paper and fabric.

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Ayşe Nurgül Kabasakal

Tezhip - Illumination and gilding

I met the art of illumination in 2000. I continue my illumination, miniature and graphic works and I teach flower painting at Bayrampaşa Municipality Turkish Islamic Arts Center.

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Seramik - Ceramics

I was born in Istanbul. I work as an art instructor in a public institution and perform ceramics, tile, illumination and miniature art.

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Azime Türkmenli

Filografi - Philography

In 2000, I met the art of Philography with Saim Devrilmez, the first name that comes to mind when it comes to the art of Philography. I continue to work at Üsküdar Bağlarbaşı Specialization Center.

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Beyza Gül Toktaş

Kat’ı - Kat'i Art

I was born on January 6, 1999 in Istanbul. I took marbling lessons from Ugur Tasatan at Kücükçekmece Municipality Fine Arts Academy

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Hacer Tepe

Hat - Calligraphy

I have been a calligraphy instructor in youth centers, foundations and associations.

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Ahsap Boyama - Wood painting

I graduated from Dumlupınar University Handicrafts.

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Kehriban Parspanci

Jewellery Design

I was born in 1984 in Rize, Turkey. I have been designing jewellery and natural stone combinations for the last 2 years.

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Çini Tile Art

Due to my interest in Traditional Art, I took Tile design lessons from Emel Gemici for 2 years.

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Nurbanu Yaşar

Ebru - Marbling for Kids Zone

Since 2013, I have been devoted to Ebru Art and in 2017

Art Demonstration, Youth Zone

Vedat Durmaz

Bakır Oyma - Copper smithing

I was born in Gaziantep. I try to keep copper craftsmanship alive by making copper objects inspired by Ottoman and Seljuk works in my workshop in Istanbul Grand Bazaar.

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Yasin Can Sezen

Naht, Hakkaklık, Wood Carving Art

I was born in Istanbul and I practice Naht art, Hakkaklık and Wood carving art.

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Zehra Vatansever

Hat - Calligraphy for Kids Zone

When I met Calligraphy and Ebru Art in high school, I decided to practice these arts in my academic life.

Art Demonstration, Youth Zone