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When we mention Mevlevism, the first thing that comes to mind is "sema," which means to hear in the dictionary. As a term, it refers to moving in rapture and losing oneself while listening to musical melodies. During the time of Hz. Mevlânâ, sema was performed with religious and mystical enthusiasm without adhering to specific rules.  However, from the time of Sultan Veled and Ulu Ârif Çelebi until the time of Pîr Âdil Çelebi, it was brought under strict discipline, following a precise structure, and became a practice that could be learned and taught.

Sema symbolically represents the formation of the universe, the resurrection of humanity in the universe, the initiation of movement towards god the exalted with love, and the realization of servitude leading towards becoming the "Insan-ı Kâmil" (The Perfect Human).

Those who perform sema are called Sema'zen in Mevlevilik. It's essential to note that the term used is "Sema'" rather than "dönmek" (to turn). Mevlevis engage in Sema', and like every Sufi order has its unique methods during dhikr (remembrance of Allah), Mevlevilik's distinctive practice is Sema'.

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Hüzzam Mevlevi Ayin-i Şerifi / İTTMT 26.12.2018

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