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Istanbul Historical Turkish Music Society

Our ensemble has performed hundreds of concerts both in Turkey and abroad including three KATS in itself. We have both performed classical repertory feeling responsibility of historical duty and given concerts with jazz and symphonic orchestras as a matter of being open to newness


We firstly meet with mehter; world’s oldest military band, on the Orhun Inscriptions. The military band that is described as “Kübürge” and “Tuğ” in these inscriptions, is also explained in Divan-ü Lügat-it Türk (XI. century) that mehter was making music in the presence of khans ( supreme rulers of turkish tribes). The ‘’Tuğ’’s that are composed of instruments küvrük(kös), tomruk (davul), çenk (zil) and nay-i türki, were performing music on the wars and special days. Besides ‘’Tuğ’’ has been the symbol of rulership in Turks. So that, Sovereign of Anatolian Seljuk, II. Gıyaseddin Mes’ud has given the authority of rulership to Osman Gazi; the founder of Otoman Empire by sending him tuğ, sancak (flag), boru (horn), zil (cymb)

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15. Ceddin Deden / İTTMT Mehter Birimi (Albüm)

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14. Estergon Kalası / İTTMT Mehter Birimi (Albüm)

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18. Mehterhâne-i Hâkânî / İTTMT Mehter Birimi (Albüm)

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