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Deniz Sağdıç | @denizsagdicart

Artist Deniz Sağdıç was born in Mersin in 1982. She was graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts as the valedictorian. Since the early years of her art, she has become professional in various techniques such as sculpture, printmaking and engraving, mainly oil painting, and has also produced artworks in the fields of video and new media. She was graduated with a master's degree in Plastic Arts with the first degree. With Ready-ReMade series, she was defined as the first artist in the world to work on the issue of "Sustainable Art" by using all kinds of man-made waste materials. She participated in the United Nations Climate Summit (COP27) with her artworks in the Turkey pavilion. Artist Deniz Sağdıç realized projects aiming to inspire environmentalist and nature-friendly ideas with her exhibition titled "0 Zero Point" which focuses on the sustainability of objects and art, by meeting with the audience in public venues in different parts of the world. As the founder of Sustainable Art House, she produces projects that draw attention to sustainability through social responsibility projects and collaborations with various institutions.

5182 mevlevi 1 old rug pieces 180x160 b
5183 mevlevi ii old rug pieces 160x160 b
5185 mevlevi iv old rug pieces 180x140 b
5186 mevlevi v old rug pieces 200x180 b
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